Philly's City Council- who will win?

Now, I know that there has to be some Dopers from the Philadelphia area. My challange to you is this. The Reps have just announced their 5-man (and, for the first time since God-only-knows when, it’s all male) ticket for Philadelphia City Council at large. Of the 5 people selected (incumbent Frank Rizzo, lawyer David Oh, port director Jamie McDermott, ex-Councilman Jack Kelly, and school director David Hardy), who will end up winning seats?

(Remember, under the Charter, at least two of these people will be on the Council.)

They’re finally going to let Thatcher RIP? God bless 'em.

Rizzo and … Kelly.

I thought that you had read the news: old man Thatcher (my father was 3 the first time that he ran for Mayor) is retiring.

I have my doubts with Kelly. He’s not much younger than Thatcher is, and hasn’t ran for office in 12 years.

My prediction: Rizzo and Oh (if there’s a large Asian turnout) or McDermott (if there isn’t).

i think the person with the most snow plows will win.

Nah, I stopped listening to the news post 9/11.

Kelly’s old, but he’s got the name recognition, which the others don’t. I’m standing behind it.

Another important element…

The tendency I’ve noticed with successful Republican City Council At-Large candidates in Philadelphia is that they tend to come from high-income, elite areas.

(Bea Chernock from Mt. Airy, Joan Spector from Center City, Thatcher Longstreth and Frank Rizzo Jr. from Chestnut Hill.)

Of the candidates running, we have Rizzo (Chestnut Hill), McDermott (Chestnut Hill), Oh (Center City), Hardy (God-only-knows), and Kelly (Torresdale, I believe).

Based on the previous trend, expect Rizzo and either McDermott or Oh to be elected. The Dems should win their usual 5 seats, unless Old Man Cohen has health problems, or unless someone is indicted.

Is Krajewski retiring?

has Angel Ortiz lived down the driver’s license thing?

in my op., no. i’m sure the news papers esp. the daily news will be very happy to remind us of mr ortiz driving record.

Let’s put it up on an odds level.

What are the odds that any of the district Councilmembers will be replaced, and what are the odds as to who’s nominated for the Dems City Council At-Large ticket.