Philosophy 101

what is the meaning of this term ?? This NYT article uses the word.

In our university at least, modules of study are coded with three numbers (to represent the year of course and marking weight), three letters (according to subject eg PHL = philosophy) and then a final three numbers to code the module within the school. Our book of modules.

110PHL101 was the basic Introduction to Philosophy module until it was renamed and recoded this year.

Pushkin, Thanks !

More generally, it’s standard at a lot of universities to call the introductory course in a subject (say, basket-weaving) Basket Weaving 101. At some places the introductory course would be called Basket Weaving 100. Thus it would be understood that an introductory course in anything would be numbered 100. One could use this analogously for other things. If someone failed to understand your jokes, you could snidely say, “Go back and take Humor 101,” where you wouldn’t be asking them to take a college course but just saying that they don’t understand even basic humor.

A search on reveals quite a few books with titles of the form “________ 101” (e.g. Leadership 101, Law 101, Hollywood 101). So it’s pretty commonly understood that this means “Introduction to " or "_ For Beginners” or “The Basics of ______” (by analogy with the introductory university courses that others have mentioned).

Our local university numbers courses with a four-digit system. The first digit indicates the level (“1” for intro, “2” for second year, “4” for senior level classes, and up to “5” and “6” for graduate school classes). The second digit indicates the number of credit hours. Most are “3”, but there are many "1"s, and I think even a few "2"s and "4"s. The last two digits are the unit number, indicating the specific class.

So, the first History classes that everyone takes are HIST 1300 and HIST 1301, each of which is a three-hour class. MATH 1351 is Calculus I (you can jump right in at that level, or start lower, say at MATH 1320, College Algebra). Calc II is MATH 1351, which would be most engineers’ second freshman semester at college. In their second year, they’d take Calc III, MATH 2350, and so on from there. I bombed out at MATH 3354, Differential Equations.

And every freshman’s gotta take some phys ed, so there you look at the PHED 11xx courses. PHED 1122, for example, is karate, for one hour of credit. Doesn’t look like they offer bowling anymore, but it used to be in there.

Anyway, I liked the system that let you know at a glance how many credit hours you were getting, but I’m familiar with the “101” terminology and usage.

Wouldn’t that cause a bit of confusion? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oopsy. Calc II is MATH 1352.

We’re converting to a four digit system as well, hopefully to coincide with the introduction of a hellish new student information system.