Philster goes to Mumbai, Indian Dopers.

Philster, from Philadelphia, Pa, USA is heading to Mumbai, India on Monday.

It’s a business trip with lots of free time. If any Indian dopers have any last-minute input, it would be nice to hear from you. Any world travellers, it’d be nice to hear from you, too.

I’m going in style (love my company): First/Business class on British Airways, through London and onto Mumbai, followed by a dedicated driver while in Mumbai and a nice stay at the JW Marriot at Juhu Beach.

I’m looking forward to the experience.

If we have any SDMBers in India, especially Mumbai, I would love to hear from you.


I’ve never been to Mumbai. Or even close. Enjoy yourself! It’ll probably still be hot as hell there. I’m actually reading Bombay: Maximum City and it talks about the rampant corruption, but foreigners are treated fairly well. Although prices are all jacked up.

Please post when you get back about your trip!

Let’s see, don’t drink the water, be aware of children around you [pick pockets] avoid hallucinogens ala the Beatles and buy a rolex for $40 bucks.

Phlosphr - in Mumbai in 98’ great experience, hated the poverty, very nice people.

Should be interesting. I thought we had some dopers from there. Let’s see.


It is a good city , if you are driven around( traffic in local trains is plain HORRIBLE).

In your free time , check out Juhu beach, Nariman point ( business centre, you are probably going there).

Go to fashion street on Sunday , you have plenty of cloth stalls selling cheap clothes ( but wearable). Don’t forget to BARGAIN the intitial quote to 40 % to 50 % DOWN.

The new shopping malls , may not be the place for you to shop, but check them out anyway.

Thanks for the input! I will report back.

This is the only time I’ll ever say this: GO TO MC DONALD’S! Seriously, go once and try some of their veg food. (Actually, the McVeg is passable.) Other than that, look around for a small statue of Shiva to bring back. It’s always an interesting piece in Casa Shecky.

Another option for some cheap clothes is Linking road at BANDRA. Check it out in your spare time…