Phish is on tour! Anyone else going?

So the first full-scale Phish tour since the hiatus is on! I unfortunately won’t be making it until the last show, right here in Greensboro.

However, I did pre-order the entire tour from Live Phish Downloads, and I just got the tour opener from Friday night, and it is hot! Great “Bathtub Gin”, nice “Walls of the Cave” -> “Carini”, and a fun run through “Cover of the Rolling Stone”–practically required since they were, in fact, on the cover of Rolling Stone this week.

Anybody else making it to any of the shows? If anyone’s interested, I’ll keep posting comments on the live shows as I download them.

Dr. J

Nope, you’ll be the only one there. So don’t shout “Hood!”

No, I’m not going.

Unfortunately, I got laid off right before tix went on sale, so no, I won’t make it this time around. Unless…some magic tickets show up at my door:D

I just got the stench of patchuoli out of my hair from the last Phish I went too…so no I am not going

Allstate Arena this Thursday - I’m gonna get there when the lot opens at 3PM. Lovely and delicious. I refuse to admit that I’m too old to keep doing this, so I’ll be wiggling my butt within the confines of my stadium seating. My first Phish show of sobriety - hell yeah!

Then before and now once more I’m bouncing round the room.

Never too old to surrender to the flow! You’ll have to give a full report.

I got the first show in Vegas, and it was good–nice “Antelope” and “Harry Hood”, and I always love their take on “Life on Mars?”. I’m dying to hear the second Vegas show, though: Down With Disease > Seven Below > Down With Disease, Anything But Me, Piper > Down With Disease > Makisupa Policeman!

Dr. J

Don’t mind if I do.

Ripping first set, highlights were Simple and Jiboo. Trey was a little rusty on Guyute IMO. Perhaps this is a reason they are leaning on the new tunes: the new stuff is better prepared.

Two tunes from the first record: Rift opener and Fast Enough For You in the second set. I liked that a lot - they were both firsts for me.

I honestly expected more from the second set after the Tweezer opener. They are really playing the heck out of the new material, and it’s still too unfamiliar to open the floodgates of true raw Phishy transcendence for me. Objectively I think the new material is solid with much room for Trey to explore soloistically.

Quaint little encore, like a slice of tiramisu after osso bucco for dinner. Overall the show was low energy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I’ve been waiting for two and a half years, so my energy was brimming.

The lights were at a new high. There was a circular screen about 18’ in diameter high above the stage which added a new dimension of visual beauty. One effect I particularly enjoyed was a forest of thin white light beams trained straight down on a dark stage. Then in time a random beam would come to life, point out toward the fans, then quickly return to its original position. Multiply this action by fifty and the effect is amazing.

Sound at Allstate is crap, and I was near the back so add reverb to my aural woes.

Overall it was a smashing time, and a fond memory.

My last Phish shows before the break were the two in October 2000 at Thomas and Mack, one of which is now published for posterity on DVD. I love that venue. I was excessively fucked up on psychedelic drugs et al., but I do remember enjoying myself. Set two of the first evening was really groovy before the vacuum solo.