Phlosphr's coming to Boston. Rush-Hour Question...

Calling all you Bostonites up there. I’m coming up for a seminar this Wednesday and I was wondering what time the rush hour usually starts. I’ll be leaving CT around 6. Is that enough time? I believe I need to be at the conference at 9. Usually takes me 2 hours to get up there and I am figuring I’ll miss the Providence traffic be a fair margin. Can anyone let me in on the dope about rush hour in Boston. My conference is right near the common. Thanks, P.

Where in CT are you coming from? I start my commute daily at 5:30 AM (and I’m a night person! This job is killing me) and I hit the Mass Pike (going outbound, away from the city) at 6 AM or thereabouts, and there’s already a line going into the city. If you get to the outskirts of Boston at 7:30-8:00 AM I guarantee you will hit Rush Hour traffic. Whether or not you will get to your conference on time depends on too many factors I don’t know. If in doubt, leave 1/2 hour earlier.

Southern CT. I thought I’d go up 395 to Worcester then take the mass pike into boston. Conference is at 9. I thought that would be better than going through Providence up 95.

Conference is right on Bedford Street near the common.

You’ll hit traffic. Rush hour technically hits 8 - 10AM and then 4 - 7PM. But regardless, you’ll hit traffic definitely. I highly recommend taking advantage of our public transportation system. It’ll save you money. Parking in a T station is usually a couple of bucks. Compared to parking in Boston which can run up to $30. And it’ll save you stress/headaches.

My fiance and I commute from Newton everyday but Monday. The traffic we see starts to become heavy around 7. so if you can get to the outskirts like Cal said, you will hit traffic but the earlier you get there the better your chances.

It may not be as dire as it sounds. I commute in on the Mass pike and hit Boston around 8:15 every morning. The partial completion of the Big Dig has really helped the trip. You will hit traffic but it is usually more like heavy congestion rather than a bumper-to-bumper start and stop. Just take the Mass Pike all of the way in and probably use the Prudential Center exit to put you right in Back Bay and fairly close to the Common.