Phoenix Lights flare debris

I was wondering if the debris of the flares from the Phoenix Light’s was ever retrieved and shown to the public to corroborate the Official Story of the Air Force?

They showed the public “weather balloon” debris to debunk the Roswell saucer crash story. That worked out well.

I don’t believe alien spacecraft crashed at Roswell, nor do I believe it was a weather balloon or some sort of spy equipment as is claimed now. I don’t know what crashed. There’s a weird theory about experimental aircraft that had bodies of severely Down’s Syndrome people in it, I guess as “crash test dummies”. I hate to think the U.S. gov’t would do that, but perhaps…

I don’t think the Phoenix Lights were geese, balloons, flares or alien spacecraft. I see no reason not to think it was experimental aircraft.

This videoshows that the disappearance of the lights corresponds precisely with slowly falling objects being obscured by the mountain range outside of Phoenix. I.e., they were flares.

I used to drop flares for the USAF. I also used to drop bombs on those ranges. Though I never did drop flares on those ranges.

Flares start out as metal tubes about 6" in diameter & 5-ish ft long. They end up looking like a big cigarette butt.

Over the 50+ years those ranges have been in use, hundreds, if not thousands of flares have been dropped there. You’d think they’d be easy to find.

But the Luke ranges are not quite the size of Rhode Island. Trying to locate any flare chunk would be a lot of pointless wandering around the moonscape which is the Sonoran desert. If I hid even 10,000 footballs in Rhode Island, how long would it take you to find one?

And even if somebody came up with a flare chunk, how could anyone know it was *the *flare chunk from the incident?

And, as noted above, why would the people who refuse to believe the facts provided by the Government suddenly decide to beleive this fact provided by the Government? A short hunk of metal tube all melted and misshapen sure doesn’t scream “incontrovertable proof overturning all beliefs I hold dear” to me.
FWIW, I’ve seen a couple of the more famous Phoenix Lights pictures. Looked exactly like a flare pattern seen from a distance.

I did some further research and found out that the flares that were used were LUU-2 illumination flare which have a burn time of approximately 5 minutes while suspended from a parachute, and the canister gets completely burned up and is separated from the chute just before the end of burn out.

So that would leave only the chutes to be able to retrieve. The point about hundreds of thousands of chutes dropped over a large area plus the fact that winds over time would blow them all over Hell’s half acre make it non-feasible to consider doing.
Lights of varying descriptions were seen by thousands of people between 7:30 and 10:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles,

  1. 3 hr. time span (7:30pm – 10:pm)
  2. Flares traveled 300 miles distance from Henderson, Nevada to Barry Goldwater firing range.
  3. astronomer sighting in Phoenix approx. 250 miles away from Henderson at 10:00pm
  4. The LUU-2 has a burn time of approximately *5 minutes while suspended from a parachute
  5. Flares at Henderson would have to travel hundreds and thousands of mph to get to Phoenix in 5 mins.
    *( - “”)

I have always thought there were two unrelated (?) things going on that night. A handful of people near Las Vegas, and another handful near Phoenix reported they saw lights overhead or very nearby.

That made the TV news. 30% of Phoenix watched the TV news then went outside to see what they could see. And USAF was dropping flares on the Luke ranges that night. Which a lot of people saw and photographed.

And those flare photos were in the next day’s paper. After which dozens or hundreds of people accurately agreed that they’d seen them too.

The sensationalists & UFOists then blurred the distinction between those two groups; the ones who said they saw overhead formations & heard strange noises, and the ones who said they saw the lights (flares) hovering 20 miles south of Phoenix.
Like all UFO incidents, the true truth about the first bunch will never be known. There can never be any more data than the recollections of a few witnesses; recollections burnished and slowly shifting in the retelling.

As to the latter group, it’s simple & resolvable. Sensational TV news about mundane flares on a clear desert night.