Phone calls from "None"

Since March 1st, we have been getting multiple calls each day from a party called “None”. These are coming from all over the country (supposedly), so it’s impossible to block them all, especially since Comcast only allows 25 blocked numbers. Any ideas what this barrage is all about?

spammer, I’m pretty sure

Blocked number. Someone has a Verizon cellphone with all setting blocked… or is spoofing one.

Have you considered using Nomorobo with your Xfinity voice account? I got our account set up with this a few months back and it’s seemed to help quite a bit.

I’ve had Nomorobo for a long time and it is effective at blocking certain types of calls that are obvious spam. However, spammers always find ways around these types of services, and that is clearly the case for this. This has happened before for calls supposedly originating here in my state, which are also spam. They ring exactly 3 times, then stop before voicemail picks up.

I can’t cancel the landline without breaking my bundle, so I’m seriously considering just unplugging it. People seldom call us as it is, and the aggravation is really grating on us.

Understood. We still get calls that manage to get through like that, too. I think the problem is that even if you get rid of the landline, you will still get these automated calls regardless if you’re using a landline or mobile account.

Maybe something like this might be usable in your case. It would require the caller to respond to a prompt before it allows the call to go through:

Thanks. That product gets about 12% one-star reviews and seems (from the description) fairly clunky to use, although it does have the ability to provide a whitelist of numbers. The highest rated products of this type require you to push a button every time there is a spam call, which is not very effective, and none of them allow a whitelist. I unplugged my landline this morning and will notify anybody we care to hear from that the number is no longer being used.

At least with the cell, I can turn it off at night or silence the ringtone.

I am somewhat mystified by the ability of some spammers getting to voicemail without my phone actually ringing. The calls about my expired warranty seem to be the only ones to do this. I don’t ever have any voicemails show up when I didn’t have some idea that I had a call. Unknown numbers just get declined, if they don’t leave a message, straight to SPAM/Blocked they go. Many times though the Stealth calls won’t even show a record that there was a call, making it difficult to block the number.