Phone Network Interface

We have a single phone number with three seperate phone lines running from the interface to three different phones in the house.

I ran these lines myself several years ago and up to last night we’ve never had a problem. Now none of the phones work. I plugged a phone on the phone company’s side of the interface and got a dial tone and checked the connections to the lines that run into the house and they’re all good.

Any ideas why all three phones aren’t working?

Is it possible that one of the three phones is off the hook, tying up the line so that you can’t get dial tone? That would be my first guess. If not, try unplugging all three phones and then plugging them back in one at a time to see if one of the phones is causing the problem.

I should have mentioned I did that. Sorry. :smack:

If one line is going to ground somewhere even though they are buried in PVC, would that do it?

Yes, that could do it. The next thing I would do is take the wallplates off and check for shorts on the screw terminals.

They all started working again this morning through no effort on mine. :confused:

Thanks for your help.

I hate it when that happens. Now you’ll never know if or when the problem will come back.

Any possibility that water got into the pvc pipe?