Phone problem

There seems to be an issue with my Panasonic 900 MHz cordless phone.

A month or so ago, a friend complained that my phone dropped him. I assumed it was his mobile. Yesterday a friend said she’d tried to call twice. She said the phone rang, and then there was nothing. I tried calling myself this morning. The land-line rang once, but I didn’t hear it in my phone. The message machine didn’t pick up.

I can call out without any problems, but there seems to be an issue calling in. Is this a problem with my phone, or with my service?

Test it by plugging in a normal phone (borrow one from a neighbor if you do not have one).

Also, try another phone jack in the house with the cordless.

That should answer your question.

There’s only one phone jack in the house. (Weird, eh?) My neighbours tend to be seasonal, and I don’t know any who are here in the Winter. (Besides, I’m from L.A. We don’t ‘do’ neighbours!) I have a spare phone around here somewhere. I’ll have to try to find it.

Before bothering with any swapping out, just unplug the phone line from both ends, blow on 'em to dislodge any dust, and reconnect. Sometimes those little jacks just need a re-seating.

I had a similar problem last winter. It was an outdoor problem that the phone company had to come fix.

I have a non-cordless phone (and only one phone jack in the house too. Weird indeed!) and trekked outside to plug the phone in directly at the box. I didn’t get a dial tone. The phone company took 3 days to come out but they did fix it for free since it was their problem and not mine.

Try it sometime. You really don’t know what you are missing!

Sometimes a “wet pair” will cause this kind of problem. When the ringing current is sent over your phone line it shorts out, and the switch takes the line out of service. As the line dries out, the automatic line test will sometimes turn it back up. If the bad section of cable isn’t repaired the trouble will just come back.

You guys with land lines and only one jack; we should trade homes. I haven’t had a landline in a loooong time, but my home has a phone jack in every room (except bathrooms). My damn laundry room has a phone jack.