phones compatible with Qwest cell/wireless?

Being especially stoopid, I lost my phone yesterday. I need to buy a new one, hopefully very soon: like at lunch.

I went to the Qwest website to see if I could buy a phone from them, to be sure that it’s compatible (I know absolutely nothing about cellular versus wireless, company-A-compativle hardware versus company-B-compatible hardware, etc.) with my Qwest service, which I’m not interested in changing right now. The phones listed on their site are priced “for new customers only,” as part of a contract deal.

I emailed them, explaining my situation, and asked for suggestions. They replied “the only way to be sure is to buy it from us.” :rolleyes: I pointed out that their phones were only, it seems, offered to new customers. They replied with a list of phones, and their prices IF I renewed my contract as part of the purchase.

All I want to do is buy a new phone. Can anyone give me a list of models that are compatible with the Qwest system, that I can just simply buy, without negotiating service contracts, etc.?

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the world of ‘Idiots that Man the Phones at Customer Service’. Call them back and when someone says you can’t get a replacement, ask to speak to someone else. You are not the first person to lose a phone, but ITMTPACS are trained to follow a set procedure. Any request out of the ordinary procedure stumps them, and they say ‘you can’t do that’. Of course you can get a replacement phone, you just have to find the one person at Qwest who can think.

Other than that, maybe talk to a local cell phone store and find out what they can do for you.

All the local cell phone stores are provider specific, and Qwest has none. I’ll look around.