Phonetic pronunciations of some surnames

I’m pretty sure I’m right on these, but I thought I’d pass them by you to make sure I’m correct. What are the phonetic pronunciations of these surnames?

Zauchin (I think it’s a hard ‘ch’, but I’m not 100% sure).
Ziem (Zy-EM [as opposed to Zy-uhm])


Where are these names from? Are you looking for pronunciations in their original language or in English? The last one, for instance, looks like an Anglicization or accent-less version of the Serbo-Croat “Župčić,” which would be pronounced something like ZHOOP-cheech. As for how it’s customarily pronounced in English, you’d have to ask the person. There’s variation among families on how they pronounce their foreign surname in English.

The third name “Zdeb” is a Polish word meaning “wildcat.” It is pronounced as spelled, “ZDEB.” The other ones I have guesses for, but can’t say for certain.

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(“Zupcic” is pronounce Zoop’chick in my neighborhood)

I’m pretty sure Norm Zauchin was “Zaw-kin.”

Adrian Zmed was “Zuh-med.”

Of course, you can pronounce it any way you like in real life.

Zaske - ZASS-kee
Zauchin - ZAW-kin
Zdeb - zə-DEB
Ziem - ZEEM
Zmich - zə-MIKH
Zupcic - ZUP-chik