Photographers Nostalgia gold mine !!

Here is a little personal fable someone might be able to help me with.

Well I am wondering if someone out there in the land of the teeming millions may be able to help me. I was recently cleaning out a friends grand parents place because they are moving to another city. I arrived there and I found myself bombarded with “gifts”. Pretty much the gifts consisted of bits of nostalgia from the 40’s and 50’s. The grandpa came over and said here you go take this box, it has all of my old Photography equipment in it. The only thing was he bought it right before he went to Korea and he never had the chance to use it, so it is in mint condition.

The name of the camera’s are as follows, if anyone can help me either find out how much they are worth, or if I can actually salvage them and try to get some interesting photo’s from them I would be eternally greatful:

Here we go there is a Bell and Howell 8mm Magasine Camera. It is in mint condition, leather hard case, all kinds of different lenses, and film! It actually worked when I flipped the on switch. It looks like an OLD hand held camcorder. It has three lenses sticking out the front and it is all leather bound, and made in the USA.

There is also a Bell & Howell Auto Load film projector. this is really neat it is cased in a steel case, and when opened it is in mint condition as well.

Also there is an extremely old Polaroid cameral, all cased in leather. The kind that folds out like an accordian. This too is in mint condition. it has a huge carrying case and tons of flash equipment and many different lenses. All brand new.

I do not know that much about cameras, as I am sure you can tell by my obvious lack of knowledge. Any information on this would be wonderfully helpful. Thanks

Is this the camera you have ?
The sale price varies from a few bucks to $325.00 depending on condition.

I got the link and price info by doing a Google search with the string:
“Bell and Howell 8mm Magazine Camera”
This gave 13 good hits !
You can probably find information on your other cameras by searching Google with the relevant model names and numbers.

Also check out, particularly the section that lists auctions recently completed. That will tell you how much the winning bids were.

(To find it, click on the “Search” button from ebay’s home page, then the “completed items” tab. Type in the name of the camera and hope.)

Well Squink, That camera looks very similar to the one I have. BUt mine has three lenses sticking out of thr front, as well as one that looks like a metal microphone.

I will take a couple digital photos of the camera’s I have and then I will post them on ebay [thanks that was a great idea pesch] I can not beleive they are in such good shape though. They look like they came right out of the sears catalogue.

I wonder if I kept them if I would beable to find some film that will work with them?? Thanks again and any more advice/help would be appreciated…

Yeah, you can by 8mm from many places, and last I knew Wa;-Mart would develop it. Get film from : . All of these places used to carry it. Right now the only one I’m fairly certain about is B&H.

I’m willing to bet it’s a model 800 or model 100, neither of which can be used as the film hasn’t been manufactured in about ten years.