Photographers: Portable device to show your work?

Photographers–Do you use a portable/handheld computer to show your work to potential clients?

We’re wondering if a sixth-generation Ipod Touch would work for this, or if there’s a better device with a larger display, like a pad or something–

This would be a gift for a serious photography student–any tips on choosing such a device are appreciated–

I tried using an iPad with an Eyefi in my camera but I found that the transfer rate was too slow to be viable. iPads have great displays. After that I shot tethered and brought a laptop with lightroom and clients could view right away with some quick presets. It depends on what you’re shooting.

The way I’m reading the OP is that you’re looking for a device to show past work, not previews of on-location shooting.

I am not a pro, but I use an iPad (the 9.7" version) along with the SmugMug app to view photos I’ve uploaded to my SmugMug account. Other online services probably have similar apps.

As a designer, even for digital work (so long as it’s not animation), a physical portfolio is still the expected requirement. The best way to present work to clients in person is still images printed and matted in a physical portfolio. An online website portfolio is an absolute requirement as well, but you’re expected to have a matted presentation in person.

Personally I could not imagine using any tablet display, as it’s too small for one thing, and for another I’d be worried about glare, range of visibility, and then handing it off to a client to look closer at and them being unfamiliar with the controls. Or worse, the dreaded “as you hand it off they touch the section of the screen that accidentally closes what you were looking at”. It simply makes for a poor presentation and makes it look like you’re tripping all over yourself. A physical matted piece will work every time with no issue, guaranteed. Well, unless the client tries to use it as a coffee coaster, anyway.

ETA: If this is a “meet at a coffee shop” client, a physical portfolio is a bit overkill. I’m talking, you have been invited to their office and are being considered for a position. Then you need a physical portfolio.

…yeah, I’ve gone with a printed portfolio. My original photography portfolio was a book: but I found replacing image as I updated my portfolio was a problem. So now I use 8 x 12 Matted Metallic prints, which look spectacular.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with having a device like an Ipad to showcase your latest works as well, but as I don’t have one I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but this is nuts. Showing digital work in a printed portfolio makes no sense whatsoever.

For the record, I’m a Creative Director who’s been in the industry 25 years. I see hundreds of portfolios, there’s nothing wrong with a photographer using an ipad to show work.

I’m no photographer, or any kind of imagery professional, but I keep thinking about this thing called “gamut”.

Is any portable display technology going to have sufficiently faithful color reproduction? What would be the needs for color fidelity in a “portfolio situation”?

Another way to address this: could a careless choice of portable display device do a disservice in a portfolio or preview situation? Because some tablets I’ve seen seemed to do a crappy job with photographic color calibration.

Maybe one of the cheaper ones, but I’ve sent prints back for poor quality. When the tech questioned me, I pulled out my tablet & showed a spectacular blue sky &/or sunset background that looked ‘meh’ when printed the first time. The number of places that print is way down from what it used to be, & a lot of what’s left is automated, frequently geared towards portraits & skin tones rather than more artistic shots.