Photographing the Curvature of the Earth

I want to do this with a cheap digital camera and a weather balloon. It’s been done before, but I want to know if I need any permits to launch a high altitude balloon.

What else must I do to do this legally?

Just today I phoned Praxair about purchasing some helium for a balloon photography project. I was told the smallest bottle they carry would cost me over 100 bucks, and that it would fill 90 party balloons to 14 inches diameter.

Hydrogen is an option, though I bet I will need a permit. And I am not sure if it will leak through the latex in these balloons I am thinking about using.

They are called punch balloons.

It will cost you for only $150 to do it all.

The only thing I can think of would be to contact the FAA at the airport so they’re aware of your launch time. I bet they’d be able to give you all kinds of info on how to launch the balloon without getting The Man after you.