Photography Question - Tripod recommendation

I’m looking for a mid-line tripod for my Canon 80D. It’ll be mainly used for time lapse or long exposure shots while hiking so it needs to be fairly light weight and compact. I generally don’t use anything but my EF-S 18-135mm lens so it’s not a particularly heavy setup.

I’m willing to carry a bit of extra weight in the tripod if it folds down small for easy packing.

Most of the Chinese tripods on ebay have decent legs, but so-so heads.
I have three Benro / Induro tripods. I don’t particularly like ball heads (although the Induro ball head is pretty good), so I swapped heads and got three matching ones that take the same quick-release plate.

Carbon fiber tripods are probably the best for hiking. I like Aluminum / Magnesium because of the quick-release legs, but I will probably get a Carbon one for hiking with. Note the height w/o column extension. A tripod that is too short is a pain in the back to use.

Also, look for one with a reversible column, for macro shots close to the ground. There are some (Aluminum only, I think) that can spread the legs really wide for very low heights.

Benro Travel Angel with a ball head is great for packing light. For heavier cameras I use a Manfrotto 3001N tripod and 804RC2 three-way head.

I have a Manfrotto that I really like. It’s not overly heavy, but not super light either. Remember, the weight of the tripod helps keep the camera steady. It’s also got foam wrapped around two of the legs specifically so you can throw it over your shoulder when walking around.
The heads are sold separately, mine is a ball mount ‘grip action’ that I absolutely love. It’s very similar to this one. You squeeze the grip, move it wherever you want it, let go and it stays where you put it.
The whole setup probably folds to probably less than 2 feet high and a few inches wide.

And a tip that I learned from someone else, when you’re not using the tripod, take the carrying strap and hook the ends to the D-ring on the bottom of the mount (the part attached to the camera).
Then you can wear the camera across your body (like this). With it upside down and at your side, it’s a lot easier to grab, also if it’s top heavy (ie you have a flash attached), you’re not fighting with it all night.

I have this one. With the case, it weighs a little less than 5 lbs. I have been very pleased with it. I needed this due to a heavy camera and lens, and it’s performed well. It’s very solid.

There’s a different model that’s a little lighter, but its load capacity is less - 9 lbs. as opposed to 20.

Amazingly, while cleaning out the guestroom closet my wife found my old tripod. It’s a Velbon VG-3 that according to the price tag by dad bought in around 1972 for $24. I’m thrilled to have found it - it’s a bit big but it has the stability I want for night photography.

And there’s some magic in the air tonight. Left on the curb by someone moving out down the street was a Sunpak 6601TM tripod/monopod still in the sealed packaging. I love moving days!

Happy holidays to me!