Photoop Elements users Magic Extractor Problem

I have access to a computer that has Photoshop Elements on it. I’m trying to remove the background from a few scanned album pages using the Magic Extractor but it’s removing more than the background.

The main reason I am trying to remove the background is I had to stick some images together and while the content matches the background does not. My ultimate goal once I have the pictures removed is to put them on a sample of the book background.

Stitched Page

Edited Images


These tools do an imperfect job at best - they generally rely on differences between the background and foreground object, and when the background colors are patterned and close to the foreground, they’ll make mistakes. So often, some hand-editing is required.
What I would recommend you do is trim your photos down by a couple of pixels, rather than try to get it exact. I haven’t used elements, although I do use Photoshop from time to time. There are a couple of easy ways to take an oval picture like you have and trim it a bit. Or you could zoom in by hand and go around the picture removing pixels that look ‘wrong’ with the eraser tool.

Here’s a tutorial for making a ‘clipping mask’ in Elements: Clipping Mask. You want to make one that’s an oval just slightly smaller than the original photo.

Thanks for the link I’ll try it at the library tomorrow as they are closed today