Photos from space of Cities lit by LEDs

…and apparently it makes a difference in Light Pollution levels:

After looking at the images, it’s not clear to me that LEDs add to light pollution in all cases, although they do make a difference in the quality of the light.

Astronomers could use a simple blocking filter to remove the yellow light from those sodium-vapor lamps that were widely used until recently. But LED light is broad-band (or, in some cases, multiple band), so you can’t do that.

The video stated that it was affecting the sleep cycles of those people who weren’t familiar with curtain technology.

Some people are just slow to adapt.

so it makes light pollution worse, big deal

them city folk aint gonna see the stars anyway…they got to get out to where they be no peeps!

My street has LED bulbs in the streetlights and I prefer them to the old sodium-vapor lights; the LEDs are brighter and whiter.