Photos of Lost Gloves find ... fame?

Mangetout missed his shot at the big time :smiley:

Self-confessed boring man says he is proud of having one of Britain’s DULLEST hobbies - taking photographs of lost gloves
But we know Mangetout isn’t boring

Heh, I’ll occasionally see a single glove on the ground and I always immediately think of Mangetout or atomic shrimp.

He’s been doing it for three years and has collected 300? Bah! Amateur. I’ve been at it for about 15 years and I have many thousands of them.

And like this, I shall live forever.

I thought it was you! But the details were wrong.

And same. Single glove spotted in the wild, and Mangetout is in my mind.

“Dull Men’s Club annual calendar”? Reminds me of the multi-volume classic Boring Postcards.

I am grateful for this reminder. I knew there was someone here who did this but didn’t remember it was Mangetout.

I still take glove photos and I think I always will, but I haven’t actually uploaded any of them to my site since 2010 (how time flies)

Tom Hanks does this too. Not as a hobby (he already collects typewriters), more of an obsession.