Photoshop-like program that I can include in a website

I’ve seen some sites that offer a photoshop-like program that you can run through your web browser, but what I’m looking for is a site that will license such a program (or give it away for free) so that it can be added to a site I’m working on, to let someone edit images on our site without having to navigate to a different site.

Is there any such thing available? It doesn’t need to be as good as photoshop, but I’d like to at least let the user do basic stuff like cropping and resizing images. But the more it can do, the better.

Thanks in advance.

What language is your site in? I’ve worked a lot with ASPJpeg but that’s just for ASP and ASP.NET.

Here’s an AJAX based app. I just had a quick browse of this page, but it seems reasonably fully featured.

Picknik has that option - it’s called Picknik in a Box. I have no idea whether it is good or not but it could be worth a try.

Fixed link.


Thanks for all the links, everyone. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Sorry, I should have included that info above. We use ASP.Net 2.0 with the AJAX extension