Photoshop. or not?

I’m personally voting for real, for a change.

Well, it’s a poorly resized image, so that adds some difficulty to really determine the truth. But even so, the lack of detail and accuracy in the dimensions of the items suggest to me that they are genuine large-size props.

As a 3D artist and Photoshop super user (someone who uses it daily), I say it’s neither 3D or Photoshop manipulation. The model elements within the image are real (large props). I cannot vouch for the image itself.

It’s in the material and the lighting. It’s certainly not a simple enlargement of a model kit, I promise you that. If it is anything artificial at all, it would be a 3D manipulation, but I really don’t think so.

I vote large props, real image.

I don’t get it, why would that need to be photoshopped, or rather, why wouldn’t that be real?

Why wouldn’t it be a photoshop?

There’s any number of photoshop images that have no need to be photoshop-crafted. And yet people still go ahead and do it.

I don’t believe the image to be photoshopped, but that’s the coolest thing about it. Someone actually went ahead and didn’t photoshop. They actually went and welded together pipes and engines and crafted giant paint jars and everything. Which is pretty cool!

Here’s a link to more images:

Well of course, with the evidence in post #6 you have no choice!

Cool exhibit.

It was manipulated very well. I only found one spot that clearly looked altered – where the handle of the xacto knife sits next to the white stanchion. You have to import the pic into Photoshop or some other photo program where you can look at it at the pixel level. It’s as good a job as I’ve ever seen.

Uh, Boyo, did you follow that link you quoted?

It’s real, obviously.

Oops, I meant the link in the OP. I replied to the wrong post.

What’s up with the stuffed German Shepard?

But the other link shows a whole set of photos of the same scene as the OP taken from multiple angles. No matter what you saw in Photoshop, the picture in the OP is real.

No, the original photo in post #1 is Photoshopped. Compare it to the one in post #6. The red table surface is removed and replaced by the floor, while the model cars and exacto tool are scaled up to human size. Actually, it may not have been the exact post #6 pic that was manipulated into the #1 post pic, as the layout of certain items is somewhat different. For instance, on the red table the knife is angled more to the box with the car. So maybe they started with a different similar pic, or maybe they cut up the elements of the pic and manipulated them separately.

Oh, and another error – the person in blue at the extreme left edge of the post #1 pic is missing a foot.

I’m confused as to your explanation. The “big display” contains a “small display” within it, as well, with a red table. Look at photo #6. In the bottom left of the display, there’s the red table, which is what you see in photo #1. That’s the whole idea of the display. It’s clearly real.

Dude. There’s a small real-sized version on a small table, and next to it is a large version set out on the floor. You can see them both in the second and the last photos.

Dude, well, I’ve been an idiot more than once. Didn’t see the additional pics on the later link. Ignorance fought, mostly.

OTOH, in the post #1 pic, and in the 4th pic down in this page, where did the guy’s foot go? Far left, all you see is an arm, part of the trunk and leg. I think this is the same pic as used in the first post.

It looks to me like the guy is stepping over something, or his foot is otherwise in the air, pointed slightly upward.

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Obviously, the Apollo Moon landings were PhotoShopped too.

Oh my, that’s a very large tube of model glue!

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