"Phys ed" or "Phy ed"?

Did you grow up saying “phys ed” or “phy ed”? At least when you weren’t just saying “gym.” I always heard “phys ed” until I was an adult and heard someone say “phy ed” on TV and couldn’t figure out at first what they were talking about.

I grew up in Ohio and Michigan; any regional variations?

Phys Ed or P.E. or Gym, never Phy Ed.

I grew up in the Chicago area.

P.E. was all we ever said.

Western KY here.

It’s “gym” only, for cripes’ sake. What is this “fizz” of which you speak?
(New Englander)

I grew up in Ohio and only ever heard PE. I think I’m younger than you (I’m 24) and mainly attended Catholic schools.

Phy ed? How is that pronounced? Fi-ed doesn’t sound like an abbreviation for physical education, and fih-ed just sounds terrible.

I always used PE, and I went to school in southern CA and southern VA.

It was Phys Ed or gym when I lived in Michigan, Phy Ed when I lived in Minneapolis.


PE in elementary school, Gym after that. Phys Ed wasn’t unknown, but wasn’t really used either. I’ve never heard of Phy Ed. Northern VA, by the way.

Rural western Wisconsin - Phy Ed.

Was feeling like I had to pipe up all small-voicedly until I saw StGermain’s post.

We called it gym.

On report cards or transcripts it was called “physical education”.

(Montreal, Canada)

In elementary school it was P.E. now it’s gym. On our report cards it’s physical education.

Grew up in Wyomin’, and we called it PE or phys ed.

Never heard phy ed. Is it pronounced “fie-ed”, or “fi-ed”?

[Woody Allen]

Those who can’t do: Teach. Those who can’t teach: Teach Physical Education

[/Woody Allen]

I believe the Princess referred to Dodi as the latter.

Fizz-edd. Various places around the country, but never went to school in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Mostly just gym or PE.

The “phy” in “phy ed” is pronounced “fie,” to rhyme with “pie.”

A random combination of “gym”, “phys. ed”, “P. E.”, and “Physical Education”, depending (mostly) on whatever the speaker cared to call it.

(Northern California)

When come back, well, you know.

It was called Phys Ed in Winnipeg, gym in Montreal.

From SoCal: Fizz