Physical properties of liquid and solid Oxygen

  1. What sort of solid is frozen oxygen? For that matter, how do you classify elemental carbon, nitrogen, sulfur or phosphorus, other than the extremely broad category"non-metallic"? I don’t think it’s technically a salt or a ceramic, and with the exception of carbon I don’t think they’re covalent crystals.

  2. Will liquid oxygen and liquid methane dissolve in each other, or are they immiscible ? Methane is a hydrocarbon, but I don’t know how liquid oxygen should be classified (see #1.)

  3. My Encyclopedia Britannica claims that oxygen is attracted by magnets “in all it’s phases”. Huh? I thought no true liquid could be attracted by a magnet. I remember seeing a photo showing a lump of solid oxygen on a string being pulled by a magnet; but I thought most paramagnetic substances had a very weak response compared to iron. Can someone give me the hard numbers for oxygen?