Physical Therapist Assistants...tell me about your job.

Well, that’s pretty much it!

The reason I’d like to hear some accounts is because somebody mentioned to me that, due to my interests and peeple skills, it might be something I could really get in to and be good at.

I’ve been poking aroud and reading some pretty generic descriptions. I know that it’s 2 years of what looks like fairly intense schooling…one program advised that one may have time to work a job while in the program, but you probably won’t have time for more than 24 hours of work a week.

It looks like it pays pretty well, I guess. And job prospects are going to be there, since the health care field in general will continue to grow.

Do many PTAs conitnue their education and specialize or branch out?

I was going to start taking CE courses anyway, so depending on what I learn in the next week or so I might decide to take an Intro to PT class instead. Sounds MUCH more interesting than accounting.