Physician Pay in the Middle East

I am a U.S. radiologist with 28 years experience thinking of practicing in the middle east for a year or two if that is still possible. I am interested in what kind of salaries are offered and also what kind of life style I can expect (I am assuming, shall we say, low key). For what it is work I am not Muslim, but do not smoke, drink, or take any drugs? How are the accommodations and perks. Do people who go there tend to be glad that they did?

Are they looking for physicians to fill any non clinical jobs?

I am pretty sure that these questions have factual answers so I think this is the correct forum.

Any information would be of great value.

I have acquaintances who live in Israel, but telecommute to work as radiologists in American hospitals. (They’re Americans who are board-certified in the US, and moved afterwards.) They take the night shift in America, which works out to early morning to early afternoon in Israel, make American salaries, and live wherever they want to. Presumably you could do something similar.

It depends on the country and whether the Hospital is a Government concern or a private enterprise.

For the later, the pay would be quite high.