Physiology of hair growth

Im a stalker here (on the board…), and ive brussled through the plethora of information here yet found nothing, not even a difinitive answer online.

So my question is, what is the physiology of hair growth? how does it grow?
im after the in depth and not just “anagen, catagen, telogen phases” explanation
what hormones dictate how and when body hair will grow?

through some research, it seems the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) has something to do with it, but i have not seen the proof or even how it is involved with hair growth, just speculation due to the affect it has on scalp hair.

anyone gots any ideas?

This seems to be a good starting point:
Controls of Hair Follicle Cycling

i believe it to be outdated, ive read this before, and re read it just then, it does not explain the process of how the follicle becomes terminal from vellus hair.

I have always wondered how some hair knows to grow to a certain length and stop whilst others just keep growing. Thank goodness.

I have a wave in my hair and even though my hair grows in length, the wave stays in the same place i.e. it does not grow out. Perhaps hair grows from the end not the base.