How about this one?

Not quite, but that’s kinda cool. I might use it if it wasn’t somebody’s logo. I’m not so sure I want to walk around with an advertisement on my arm. I think if I just draw it up the way I like it, they’ll understand. (not than I’m an artist, but if I just draw it the same way I write it when I’m taking notes in class)

To me, the alleged pi that bibliophage posted looks like a “P” with a funny serif at its upper left corner.

Looks a bit like a spoof of the Intel Inside [inwardly hears bong-bing-bung-bing, makes mental note to get de-memed] logo.

Pi inside.
It is to laugh.

Does anyone have LaTeX on their computer with the AMS-math package? If so, I think that variable style pi might be close.

Use the command \varpi if anyone has the resources…

Oops… varpi looks like a scrotum stuck in a zipper.

No, that can’t be true. I do see a small greek letter pi there. It’s your own computer that is doing the conversion, or your site defaults somehow. If the board software did the conversion, I wouldn’t be able to see it.

Joey P,

I wasn’t intentionally trying to suggest using the logo as is, but to take the circular part off, leaving the pi symbol. It just had a top that was similar to what you described.

Interesting. When I viewed this page at home, I got pi as normal. Here at work (using solaris and netscape rather than Win98 and IE, although what exactly the problem is, I’m not sure and don’t really care), I get the p. But then, I seem to remember having problems with the symbol font on this board before at work.

OK, so I have to ask the OP… The post I read prior to his/hers asks about the pi symbol suddenly appearing as a graffito in Seattle. This posting person wants a tattoo of one. Wassup? What’s the significance?

There’s also a greek “variant pi” that looks like an omega with a squiggly line over it.

www.bdl.fr/solarsys/projet/ glossaire.html

www.amy.hi-ho.ne.jp/~kanada/ latex/latexmath.html

Is this what you’re looking for?