Can anyone help me find some pictures of the Pi symbol. I’ve been planning to get a Pi tattoo for years now, and while I know I can tell the guy what I want and he can draw it up for me, I’d still like to go in with an idea. I’ve spent alot of time looking for pictures but there just arn’t many out there. And I can only find one page that his pictures of Pi Tattoos. Maybe part of the reason I’m having a hard time is because I’m looking for the type of Pi sign where the top is curvy (rather then straight) and one (or both) of the legs are kind of curled out. As for coloring and whatnot I can worry about that later, unless somebody can find a picture with coloring that I like, otherwise I’ll probably go with a deep royal blue. Any ideas???


Select Image Search

Search under “pi symbol” (without the quotes).

If you’re using a PC, you can use the Character Map utility that comes with Windows. Choose the Symbol font, select the pi symbol and copy it to the clipboard. Then go to WordPad or your favorite word processor, paste it (you might need to select the Symbol font), use a large font size, and print it for your tattoo person.

Not that I would ever recommend anyone get a tattoo, you understand. I’m just answering a computer question.

What is it with tattoos and you kids nowadays?


[Homer Simpson]
Mmmmm. . . [symbol]p[/symbol]
[/Homer Simpson]

That is exactly the one that I don’t want. I’m looking for the one with the curvy top. I’ve looked through every font on my computer and I can’t seem to find a picture of it on any website.

Have you tried to reproduce the pi symbol yourself, using the style you want to use? I’m sure it could be probably be done using something like the Paint application in Windows. There are tools on it for creating straight lines as well as uniform curved lines, which is all you would really need for this purpose.

An artist I’m not.

Although I have thought of having one of my art major friends do it for me. (It’s just a matter of remembering to ask them when I see them)

Funny. To me, that one looks like a curvy top.

I did a google on pi, and the first hit was The Pi Pages. Is that the sort of symbol you’re looking for?

Here’s another one.

Is wanting a pi tattoo an irrational desire?

Possibly, but at least it’s not complex.

It’s transcendental.

Maybe they could settle for just a piece of pi

In case anyone is interested, that isn’t the Greek letter pi but is, instead, the Greek letter rho.

Although I think it would be cool to tattoo a rho for pi. Something like poetic justice for doing something really dumb.

I dunno, it looks like pi to me.

Capital rho looks like a P, and small rho looks similar to a small p, to me. That looks like a pi. What font are you using?

Well, when you finally find your correct piece of the pi, I’ll bring the ice cream. :slight_smile:

Thinking about it, I realized that the pi sign that I’m looking for would have a top that looks similar to a tilde “~.”

What font am I using?!!! I’m using the Greek alphabet!

Note that this board does NOT support the Greek alphabet and so automatically converts to the Latin alphabet which you’re more familiar with; that’s probably what’s causing the confusion here. To see the Greek alphabet try this site.


I think what RM meant was what font are you using on your computer? To me, the image that shows up looks just like the Pi on the page you linked to. We think that maybe it looks different on your screen due to the font. Tell me, does the alleged Pi look like this:
| |

or this: