Piano Blues

I am looking for some blues where the piano takes the place that is usually reserved for a guitar.In other words, pianist as virtuoso, upfront and letting go. I just got Marcia Ball’s Presumed Innocent and I am wanting more piano, up tempo blues edged music, with or without vocal tracks.

Otis Spann, Big Maceo, Roosevelt Sykes, Champion Jack Dupree, Dr. John. The first three are essential. That should get you started.

So, threads about Rush last for weeks while a thread about piano-based blues draws one response and dies?

We’re doomed.


Pinetop Perkins is a must. And don’t limit yourself to Piano - the Hammond B-3 Organ is a wonderful addition (Booker T. or Jimmy Smith, anyone?)

And James Booker, with Spiders on the Keys, and New Orleans Piano Wizard, will take your head off.

Hell, I was going to come in and recommend Otis Spann, Big Maceo, and Roosevelt Sykes, but you beat me to it. And I hate “Me Too!” posts.

If you liked Marcia Ball, you’ll LOVE Professor Longhair.

Fats Waller. He often gets pigeonholed as a comic singer, but damn! the man could play.

NIckie Hopkins did a great piano break in “Blues Deluxe” on Jeff Beck’s “Truth” album. The “Red House” of 12-bar piano breaks, imho–great blues cliches all over the place!