Pianos, organs, and waterbeds

There is a company in my neighborhood that advertises these three things for sale. My question is why? I can (obviously) see the pianos and organs bit, but why waterbeds? How are they related? Other than they are all large items, (physically) I can’t see any other relation. Do waterbeds go together with pianos somehow? Do people often buy a piano and think “Damn, a waterbed is just what we nee - oh, look, honey!”

Please help me. This has been nagging at me for years and I finally must tell someone about it. And no, I have never been inside the store and don’t plan to? Why should I? I have no need of any of the three!

I can see it now:
“Buy a piano or a waterbed from our store and we’ll slip you an organ free”.

There’s a store in a town near where I grew up that sells sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. It’s even called The Place that Sells Sewing Machines and Vacuums or something like that. Well, at least the name tells you what you can buy there, though I don’t know how those two appliances go together either.

I once asked my mom about this, and she said it’s because they’re usually manufactured by the same company. Or at least they used to be.

As for the OP, all three are very hard to move, so maybe the store has a specific relationship with especially well-qualified movers that can help you get the merchandise into your house.

There’s a joke in there somewhere, I know it. Something about a bed, an organ, and a skilled pianist.

As for odd combinations, there is an Indian textiles store in Mississauga with a little sign in the window advertising their computer sales and service.

“I’ll take this hijab, that nice sari, and an Athlon quad-core, please.”

So you can play Handel’s Water Music?

Ouch. Sorry. That was unnecessary.

The only thing I can think off is that if they sell them second-hand, they’re probably all things that people unload when they move rather than deal with the hassle of trying to move them from one house to another.

I grew up in a very small, rural town in Oklahoma. A mile or so outside of town there was (and still is, as of the last time I went back) A combination bridal store and tack shop. The mind boggles.

“Hey, Joe, why dontcha open up a bridle 'n tack shop?”
“Come again? Bridal and tack shop? Ain’t that, y’know, kinda an odd combination?”
“Hell, no! They were made fer each other, can’t sell one without the other y’know.”
“Well, alright, if’n you say so, but there’s gonna be a lotta sore brides come honeymoon night…”

Perhaps it’s an offshoot of a removals firm that specialises in pianos, organs and waterbeds.

A friend of mine lives in Manhattan. At one point he had a pretty nice second floor apartment. Good amount of space for what he was paying.

The first floor though. . . was a store. Nursing supplies and lingerie.

Need scrubs? No problem!

Need a stethoscope? No problem!

Need a blood pressure cuff? No problem!

Need a bright red bustier-type thing with cutouts for the nipples and crotch? No problem!

We had a store down the street that sold formal wear…and furniture. :dubious:

You deserve a free membership to the SDMB for that one. :smiley:

As usual, Dopers crack me up. Although I guess the moving thing makes sense, it still bothers me and probably will forever continue to do so! +

There is a store in town that sells outside self-supported swimming pools and hot tubs on one side of the building, and pool/billiard/fussball tables on the other side.

When winter comes, they become a Christmas store.