Picasa and iPhoto

I use Mac OSX 10.6. whatevah. Downloaded Picasa yesterday. Watched it fly through all of the photos on my machine, building its own library.

It isn’t doing the one thing I was hoping it would do - allow me to quickly re-size very large photo files. I’ve got shots that are 1.1 megs- 4.5 megs and need to upload them to a photo sharing site like Snapfish or Photobucket and don’t have the bandwidth. I don’t have PhotoShop any more, so I need a free file re-sizer.

I dumped Picasa into the Trash so the Application is gone. However, this is my concern. I went to empty the trash securely and it said it had over 3,500 items to delete. Here’s the big question- in opening and installing Picasa, did it truly duplicate anew all of those photos, or just create thumbnails and links to the existing files?

And if it didn’t duplicate anew, when I empty the trash, do I risk losing the real photos still residing in iPhoto and other places on my hard drive?


Uninstalling Picasa won’t remove photos.

And it will resize.

The thing to keep in mind is that Picasa generally operates in a “non-destructive” mode, meaning changes you make to your photos (including resizes) aren’t permanent UNLESS you “Export” them or manually force a save. (Meaning Picasa will remember your changes internally, but the actual photo files will be untouched.)