Pick a car for me

We own a 10-year-old Dodge Caravan, and an 8-year-old Honda Civic. Both have been pretty good cars, though lately the Caravan is starting to have mysterious things go wrong with its electrical system. Stranding us once (in Canada) and nearly stranding me the other day despite having a new battery and alternator since the Canada incident. So, it may be time to start shopping. Plus we might still be able to get a 2006 model year car.

Love the Civic. It’s the second Civic we’ve owned (the older one was totalled in a wreck or we might still have it). It gets great mileage and is very reliable. Trouble is, I’m a tall person and that thing sits low and I have trouble crawling into and out of it. Otherwise I’d happily go over to the Honda dealer and buy one to replace the Caravan.

We’d get an Odyssey minivan but really, we don’t need that big a car 99% of the time. I can rent a minivan when I need it. My next choice would be a Honda CRV but it’d sure be nice to get something with somewhat better mileage.

So - what would you folks suggest we investigate, given these parameters: Relatively high seating, very reliable, good mileage.

I’m still hoping we can find out the problem with the Caravan (motto: “Don’t laugh - it’s paid-for!”) but if we can’t I want to start car-shopping soonest. Perhaps the mere threat of being replaced will cause the Caravan to shape up :slight_smile:

My friend is raving about her Mini Cooper. They’re expensive, but she says it’s problem-free. And it’s deceptively roomy.

Are you willing to take another minivan? If so, I would suggest getting either a Toyota Sienna or Honda Oddysey, with the Honda being the better pick. My sister is on her second Oddysey and loves them.

Enzo Ferrari, baby! Open up an account at the tire store!

How about THIS Smart little model?

Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass are both the mini-wagon type cars, and both can get close to 40MPG in the right configurations.

Now see? The guy who’d build something like that is a guy I could fall for.

Nobody built it, it’s a Photoshop.

Does this mean you’d sleep with him once, then drop him like a hot brick?


Maybe twice. :wink:

Nope. DC-area traffic. I don’t want something that’s half wheels, half tank-tread, I want something that’s ALL tank-tread so I can run right over the top of those pesky cars stopped in traffic ahead of me, BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH :smiley:

Kalhoun, Interesting suggestion on the Mini-Cooper. I could get one and be the really, really cool mom :slight_smile: Has to be one of the ones with the stripy thing on top though!

FormerMarineGuy, all else being equal, yeah, I’d probably go straight for the Odyssey. If I can get some of the features (seating height, leg room) with better mileage than a minivan gets, that would be nice though.

Crazyjoe, thanks for the suggestions - I’ll look into those (Caliber and Compass).

Other suggestions?

A station wagon would be nearly ideal but those are harder to find.

Warning! People may have an uncontrollable urge to hug you if you drive one. But if you do this, YES! Go with the checkerboard stripey thing. Black and white on red.

I am definitely not a Kia fan, but the new Kia Sedona might be a good idea, if you are considering the cost aspect of it. I still do not trust them.

If you want a station wagon, there are still some things floating out there that might be good. Perhaps a crossover vehicle (Pacifica comes to mind). I picked the Honda because of a few factors:

  1. Price, not bad for a car that gives you so much.
  2. Reliability, my sisters last one was only in the shop once over 4 1/2 years.
  3. Resale value, as with most Hondas (and Japanese cars).
  4. It is definitely made with the consumer in mind, simple to use, definitely not too complicated.

Thus, you do *not * want a Mini.

In which the characteristics of the Suzuki Aerio are enumerated.

I’ve recommended this car so often it’s gotten to be a running joke here on the SDMB. Lots of interior space, big doors that swing wide open=easy access. 30 mpg on my mostly rural commute.

57k miles and still going strong.

Dang. So much for being a cool mom.

Guess I’ll just have to go back to being the mom that gives the kids’ friends sugar, ramps them up, then sends them home to their parents :smiley:

I’d suggest a Pontiac Vibe (about the same as the Toyota Matrix I believe.) They’re like a little SUV, get up to 35mpg, and start at 17K.





Or perhaps THIS?

My favourite car was a 1992 VW Golf

  • it took me a few months to realize what it did with the foot down

I can understand the BMW/Mini Cooper - to me they are inflated Renault Gordinis

My penchant is for the inconspicuous Q Car.

Oooh, I like that third one. Who among us hasn’t wanted a car equipped with anti-tank artillery to take out the boneheads doing unsafe things on the highway :smiley:

I think it might be photoshopped. Mabye. :smiley: