Pick a Lock

Please help.

I need to open a padlock - type “tri-rhomb 287 / 50”. Basically it’s just a normal padlock except I have lost the key.

Apparently you can open this type of lock by hitting it with a hammer. Does anyone know anything more than this? Where do I hit it; how hard etc.

If there is any other way, that would be great either…

Thanks all.



Come on guys. My bike is stuck to the lamp-post !!!


Heh, hate to break it to you (no pun intended) but most people here would think you’re trying to steal someones bike. Try using a crowbar on the padlock? How is the bike attached to the post?

I suggest you consult with a professional lock smith. I’m going to close this before someone tries to offer suggestions on how to pick locks.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator