Pick My Halloween Costume!!!!

I can’t decide what to be for Halloween. I need to dress up to take my little cousins trick or treating.
The costume must be
(1) Cheap. I’m just starting out working on Capitol Hill and I’m not getting paid very much.
(2) Not too scary. My cousins are 4 and 7 years old and I don’t want to scare them.

Other than that… I’ll take any suggestions!

I doubt you can go wrong with the standard no-face cowl. If you decide to go with this, let the kids see you putting it on.

**Lady Godiva **
Cheap? Check.
Not scary? Check.
Get offered many of your own ‘tricks’ and ‘treats’? Check.

Add some combination of the following:

Hawaiian shirt
Airline ticket
Disposable camera
Sunblock/tanning lotion
Carryon bag
Tourist map

When asked what you’re supposed to be:

“Death takes a holiday”.

now thats a creative one!!! :slight_smile:

I looked at the tread title and then at the ‘name’ of the person who started the thread and the answer seemed pretty clear to me.

Zebra, ya beat me to it.

Got a bridesmaid’s dress gathering dust in your closet? Get a fairy wand and go as the Good Witch.

Borrow a black suit and pair of shades and go as a WIB. Helps if you get a big silver gun (you could spray-paint a super-soaker).

Green coveralls, elbow pads, a black backpack and the above super-soaker and you’re a GhostBuster.

ooh! ooh! even better!

Dress up like their mom (borrow some of her clothes if you can), only with a really bad hair/makeup/undergarment day…

hahahhaha another good one!!!

Are you caucasian? If so, you can just cut arm and leg holes in a white trash bag and go as…wait for it…white trash!
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