Picked up Trojan.w32.generic.pak.cobra from the dope

Earlier today, though my own carelessness, I broke two of my cardinal computing rules: Not to sruf the web in an account with admin privileges, and not to read the Dope in Internet Explorer. I got some malware in the process – the above named Trojan.W32.generic.pak.cobra. I am not certain it came from the Dope, as I was also on my company’s web site at the time (which is why I had to use Explorer) but I thought I should let y’all know.



It occurs to me that, in the previous post, I may not have been sufficiently clear that I am not certain it was the Dope that infected me. Usually I only use IE for a particular site I have to go to for work, and for some stupid reason I decided to check the dope while doing that. So it may have been my company’s fault.

Well, and the spyware writers, of course. They must be killed and fed to zombies and excreted and restored to life magically and killed again.

In other news, the trojan also downloaded HDDLow & Resume Spyware Doctor to my laptop.

Picked up Trojan.w32.generic.pak.cobra from the dope

A generic pak of trojans?

Ah, Skald got ribbed.

You mean someone conned 'em?

I am available to eat annoying insects for a considerable fee.

I have to pay kickbacks on this.

You broke your own rules. And you wound up with malware. I’m finding it hard to give-a-shit, here. I collect those, can you PM me with a copy of the virus?

Memo to self: Do not accept email from Cheshire Human.

Especially since my collection contains over 6000 separate viruses, and somewhere in the vicinity of 20000 infected files. Yeah, if I want to send you something nasty, I have a big variety to choose from. But if you have something to send to me, and it’s not in my collection, well… that’s different… Please, anyone who has a virus, send it to me. The address is “cheshirehuman@yahoo.com”. Feel free to send any and all viruses to this address.

<sends Cheshire Human an influenza virus>

I’m seeing a really ineffective pick-up line. :smiley:

I was thinking Ebola.


I was going through my quarantine, to see what I still had in there, and I got a nice little surprise. It seems someone was surfing the Internet while I was asleep, and caught one of those fake Antiviruses.

The thing is, due to my security setup, apparently all he had to do was restart the computer. The only remaining traces were, get this, that my System Restore folder was populated with viruses. And I disabled System Restore a long time ago.

I just cleared 250 copies of the same virus from my quarantine. I kept one, if you want it. I was unaware that there were any true viruses* amongst the fake antiviruses.

*For those who don’t know, to be a true virus, the malware must self-propagate.

Self-propagation is a property of worms, not “true” viruses.

Checking my mail. I hope it’s a good one!!! I lurv viruses!!!

Hell yeah, I want it. Send a copy to the address I posted. Here it is again, cheshirehuman@yahoo.com. I collect viruses, I love viruses. Send me all you got!

Of course, I want it. Send it on to the email address I gave previously: cheshirehuman@yahoo.com. Feel free to send viruses, or any other type of malware to that address. Yes, it’s my address, and yes, I want viruses. I really do collect them. And I want more…

:smack: I mean self-replicating.

Who pissed in your cheerios?

I didn’t ask for sympathy, or even help; I got the malware off my system on my own. I was informing the board because that is what gentlefolk do in such circumstances.