Picking a parking place

When you’re parking in a big lot, do you want the closest possible spot, even if you have to circle or hover behind someone who looks like they’re headed for their car, or do you grab something that’s open now and walk?

And, though I don’t think this is a gender-based division, I could be wrong, so I’m throwing that into the mix.

I’ll might do a quick round to see what’s readily available, but will never wait, circle, or hover. Exercise never hurt anybody.

If the weather is nice and I’m not in a hurry, I’ll often choose a spot further away on purpose…not only has exercise never hurt anybody, but every little bit counts!

I will park a block away if I think I can get in and out quicker. I hate people who drive around and drive around or block the way waiting for someone to get out of a close spot. That is just so lazy to me.
And I’m pretty damned lazy.

Yes, I’ll park a little farther if I can pull into a spot and through to the next (so I’m sticking face out) in a parking lot.

I picked other, I kind of look for a spot that gives me room to keep the door open to get baby in and out of that is reasonably close.

Different strategies for different situations:

Default: I park as far away as possible, for extra exercise and so I don’t have to deal with parking lot vultures when I come back out.

Bad weather: I find the nearest parking spot to the store that is immediately available. I will not lurk or circle unless there is literally no available parking spot to be had.

Kids in tow, at the grocery store: I park as near to the cart return thingie as possible. Makes it easier when unloading toddlers and groceries.


If I am at a grocery store, I look for a spot closest to a cart return. This way I can put my daughter in the car, unload the groceries, and return the cart without straying too far from the car. This is great for when it is raining, cold, etc.

If I’m alone I just find a spot and go in.

Female, btw if my username wasn’t enough of a give-away.

I drive a 1978 Chevy Blazer and a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado. As a result, I take any open spot that is kind of far away from where I’m about to shop. My vehicles are large and I don’t need some yahoo scratching them up or dinging my doors. Also, my legs work (mostly) fine and I don’t mind walking an extra 60-100 feet.

ETA: My mom is one of those crazy people who will circle the parking lot for 10-15 minutes in order to get a spot closer to the door. I always thought this was a waste of time and gas as a kid, and I’ve never done it since I started driving.

Almost went with the bail-out option, as it depends. Usually I am perfectly happy with the first open spot I see, but when the parking lot is jammed pack (like at Christmastime) sometimes you have no choice but to hover and hope you get lucky. I’ll also wave someone out and take their spot if the timing is right and I’m not going out of my way to do so.

I have no patience looking for spot.
I also need any exercise I can get.

I usually take the first spot I can find, a little away from the door. (If I had a nice car people would think that I was parking far away to avoid people parking next to me.)

I drive into the parking lot, find a row that looks appealing to me at the time, and drive down it until I find the first spot. My wife hates this. She would spend 10 minutes driving around finding a good spot. When she’s driving and starts doing this, I remind her to “Pick a damn spot already!” by asking her to drop me off at the door while she finds a spot she likes.

I’m another Mom who parks as close to the cart corral as I can. Makes no difference to me how far I have to walk. This will be especially true come January when I have a two-year-old plus infant in tow.

It is completely predicated upon how much crap I expect to be taking OUT of the store.

Female and I chose Other. I pick the spot furthest away from the door. Every little bit of exercise helps!

I drive in pick a spot and walk. I always have. Ok, the walking won’t kill me, Og knows my lard butt could use the exercise. :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t really categorize the 1 minute walk from the far end of the Target parking lot as part of my exercise routine, but if there’s no close parking available I’ll park far away because don’t have the patience to circle the lot for 7 minutes looking for a front spot. I could have taken the far off parking spot, and been in the freakin’ store already.

I have never been a space stalker, just park wherever. I really hate the types who wait for someone to finish loading their car so they can grab the closer spot when an open space is just 2-3 spaces further away.

If the lot isn’t full I will grab something closer. If we are talking about the mall on a Saturday, I’ll park further out since I don’t have the patience to deal with people who crawl around looking for a spot or hover by people that are pulling out.

I tend to foil parking vultures on my way out by walking back to my car in the wrong row and crossing over as I reach my car. Usually someone else grabs my space before they can make it all the way wrong. Its a bit sadistic, but I don’t like rewarding people who follow me in their cars 100 yards to a space.

I try for a close spot and then go down the row to the closest before the back. Normally I’m there at store opening anyway.

Ma will pull into the farthest from the door near the parking lot exit. Never mind she drove by 20 empty spaces she couldn’t decide to turn into.