Pictures of the levee breach?

I can’t seem to find a damn picture of the levee breach. I’m picturing a giant rift with a lake just pouring through it.

They keep saying, “there’s a 1/2 block long breach in the levee and they’re dropping giant sandbags into it to stop it.”

It sounds cool as shit. Are there ANY damn pictures or videos of this?

Thank you.

There are a lot of pics and vids of the breaches, but the news outlets are rotating so many images so fast, it’s hard to track. Anyway, I found one, don’t know how long it’ll be good for.

what a weird picture.

It looks like the water level on the “home side” is higher than the level on the canal side. You can see several feet of wall on the left hand side of the levee, but it’s right up to the rim on the right hand side.