Pictures of TVA-era underwater cities...

I remember seeing pictures of a town in South Carolina that was flooded when a dam was built during the depression to bring electricity to the area (at least I think that’s the story). I’m not really sure if it was a TVA project, but anyhow, I’m trying to find pictures, and I can’t. Now, though, I’m just interested in finding pictures of cities that are now underwater as a result of dams being built. Anyone know of any?

Wautaga Dam and the town of Butler, possibly. Article with pictures here Butler: The Town that Wouldn’t Drown | Discover the Sunny Side of Life

Here’s one place to start:

You could search for pictures of the towns below the Quabbin reservoir in Massachusetts, created in the 1930s. I know I’ve seen video on TV of divers looking at the flooded towns.

Would a village suffice? I grew up near the Kensico Dam in NY. Unfortunately I haven’t found many images online. I know there are lots of photos of the village, the construction and the flooding. I did not check the Westchester County library’s website, yet.

This dam made 1.3 million people have to move

When there was a big drawdown on Lake Murray when they were doing extensive dam repairs and IIRC building a secondary dam, a ton of stuff was revealed - old roads, bits of towns, etc. That’s in South Carolina, if that’s what you were thinking of originally.

The Santee Cooper lakes of Marion and Moultrie in central South Carolina are both man-made, and cover many flooded towns and villages. They were created in the 40’s to provide hydro power primarily for the Charleston shipyards.

Here is an article about one of the flooded towns here.

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but Paradise, KY near where I grew up was completely torn down by the TVA.


The above is the intro to nice little John Prine song about the town and not being able to revisit places or times gone by… thought you might find it interesting.

I know they pretty much bulldozed everything and hauled off a lot of stuff, but it would be cool to scuba dive down to an underwater ghost town, like a post-apocalyptic Bikini Bottom or something…

There’s this 200-year-old bridge in Pennsylvania. I’ve seen it a few times.

When Yough Lake is low old house foundations and roadbeds can also be seen.

You don’t want to see this place:’lyeh

There’s some really interesting stuff here.

But still, no pictures of actual underwater houses or buildings?

I seem to remember National Geographic had a feature on a flooded city in the mid-late 80s. I am especially remembering a picture of an asphalt road leading straight into the water.

Could be this was a city flooded by some other means?

Not TVA, but Army Corps of Engineers created Dale Hollow Lake for flood control. They flooded several communities including Willow Grove, TN, which, despite being a very popular location for scuba diving, I can find almost no actual underwater pics other than the one in the link. Apparently there are books with pictures and a DVD with video, but they all wanted $$.

We’ve been camping there and the maps we had showed various underwater features in the lake that would be of interest to divers… such as cemeteries, schools, roads, but I haven’t found any pics yet.

ETA: We ran into this old-timer at the boat ramp and I started chatting with him… He was pointing to different parts of the lake and saying that that’s where his land was, his barn was here, his house was there. He was a cool guy to run into (he was in his 80’s) and that was 10 years ago… wonder if he’s still kickin’?

My picture doesn’t count?

A previous SDMB thread on flooded towns:

And here’s an interesting article on the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts, which displaced several towns; H.P. Lovecraft alluded to the project in two of his stories:

A flooded town, exposed again by a long drought, is a setting in Dan Chaon’s terrific recent novel Await Your Reply.

I didn’t see any actual underwater pics in your link.