Piece 'o Cake!

In 90 minutes I will know whether or not my job will be moving to Tucson.
and now:

“Heads of state who ride and wrangle
and look at your face from more than one angle
can cut you from their bloated budgets
like sharpened knives through Chicken McNuggets.”

If so, will you be going with it? Or is more like a trial separation thing?

“I lost my job… Well, I didn’t really lose it. I mean, I know where it is, just whenever I go there someone else is doing it.”

I understand learning to fly Harrier jets is a piece of cake. So is defeating the Psychlos.

Well… it’s been 90 minutes. What’s the news?

No changes this time around, we’ll probably revisit it in 2 or 3 years.

But enough about me…Cake rules!