Piece together my sister's childhood.

My sister emailed me with a desperate attempt to unlock some suppressed memories of her childhood. What she’s referring to would have been seen sometime in the 80’s, though may have originated earlier. I did find a reference to a 6 min cartoon from the 40’s, but that did not seem to fit the description (admittedly I found little info on it). If this jogs anyone’s memory, please let me know… I’m supposed to be the big all-knowing brother, so it’s kind of a let down when I don’t remember stuff like this.
— Question Follows —
I’m trying to remember a cartoon that we would have seen as kids. What I remember is kind of an Alice in Wonderland-type adventure about a boy. He is in a strange land, and there is a character called the Watch Dog. All I remember is a scene in which the boy has fallen in with the wrong crowd and is a lazy do-nothin. The watch dog shows up and asks what he’s doing and the boy says “killing time” and then the watch dog freaks out and saves the boy from a life of ruin. Ring a bell?

The Phantom Tollbooth

That sounds like The Phantom Tollbooth.

It’s a better book than movie. She should read the book.

That didn’t take long.

PS - The Watch Dog is called Tock (but he goes “tick”)

The boy is called Milo.

The Phantom Tollbooth is one of the best books ever.

There’s a book???
Thanks, guys :slight_smile:
Best. Board. Ever.

The movie completely blows. Where the book has lots of wordplay and intricate puns and such, the movie has cheap, goofy sight gags.