Pigeons. Dammed Ones. Possibly literally. (NEWSLINKS)

Pigeons from Hell. Shropshire. But still messengers of Death.
Yes, they ARE coming to get you. NEWSLINK

India has exonerated a Pigeon of being a Spy. For China.
Next week, they will be hanging Chimps from lamp posts, on suspicion of being French. (A Historical reference, that.) {NEWSLINK}

Good God.

I hope no one comes to interview my Siamese cats.
They know thangs.

Yes, but they’re cats. They don’t care. The information is absolutely safe.

Are you kidding? A cat will tell all for anyone who opens a can of tuna.

Not as much as That Dog.

I do love a little pigeon.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was informed, on this very message borads that a cat would do anything for sardines.

I attempted to bribe my two teenager cats (around 6 months old) with sardines, tinned. Absolutely no interrest.

There is a great fish shop just down the road, maybe I could try some fresh ones.

In any case, neither like canned tuna.

(An aside. Years ago I used to work in a sushi restaurant. At the end of the night, they would throw out all the sushi. But I was friendly with the head sushi chef, so my girlfriend and I, and more importantly, our cat, would binge on sushi at 2am when I got home. The cat liked sashimi more than maki)

To try to bring this back on topic:

I have never felt the need to taste the rats of the sky. I have however eaten a pigeon’s egg. I was housesitting for a friend who had rescued a pigeon with a broken wing. She (the bird) laid an egg. She did not have nesting material in her enclosure, so she was disinterested.

So I fried it and ate it. It tasted like butter. I added too much to the tiny pan I used.

But what a glorious sight to see a soft fried egg only about 3cm in diameter

A great read!!

So we know whose cats to call on in an emergency!

Pigeons don’t need no stinkin’ nesting material !

Stop that Pigeon!