Pillow Talk (no, not the movie)

Pillows. Pretty damn mundane, but let’s talk about them anyway. Think about it, your life would be pretty miserable without pillows.

Possible sub-topics: foam v. down, pillow fights, embroidered & tasseled pillows, and pillows shaped like animals.

My sleeping pillow of choice these days is a therm-a-rest compressible pillow. I bought a small one for camping…it was so comfy I got a large one to use at home.

How about you?

I like a firm pillow. I hate foam pillows. Whenever I stay in a motel, I take a pillow case off one of the pillows and then stuff two of the bath towels inside the pillow case.

I honestly can not find a pillow in a store that is suitable.

Pillows = bullshit. I never use them and never will. I go into cocoon mode. The only thing under my head is the top of my blanket, so I can keep it pinned firmly down. Cocoon mode aids in the prevention of monster attack and cold.

Of course, not sleeping with a pillow leaves me confused as to the best place to accessibly hide a pistol. I guess the trade off to monster protection is a vulnerability to human attack.

down pillows for me, even if I get the occasional escapee feather stuck on my clothes :slight_smile:

My favorite pillow: the Therapeutica. http://www.therapeuticainc.com/. Good for what ails you if you have a stiff neck or back problems.

I like old worn out pillows that are all flat and lumpy. I like to squish them into some sort of lumpy ball with my arm underneath sleeping on my stomach.

Someone on this board suggested that they buy cheap pillows and change them out a few times a year (I only use one pillow on my bed). I started doing that, and it is very nice. I have enough storage room in my house that if I find pillows on sale, I can buy a bunch at once and stash them away.

I have the world’s best pillow. It’s very old. It used to be a solid foam rubber pillow, but it has broken down in the wash into crumbly bits. You can smoosh it into whatever shape you want, kind of like a feather pillow, but it never goes flat and never releases feathers or stabs you with feather tips. I take it with me whenever I spend the night somewhere.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about this today. I love pillows, can’t sleep without at least two. As a wedding present we got some quite expensive feather pillows, which I love. They give just the right amount of support. I have a feather duvet too, which I find much cosier than the fibre kind.

On the sub-topic of pillow fights: When we were growing up, my brother and I used to have great running pillow fights that went from room to room and lasted for what seemed like hours. Somehow we managed to avoid breaking anything, but…

In what was to be our final fight, I smacked him over the head–when it was unfortunately positioned over the corner of a table. He came up screaming bloody murder with a nickle-sized hole in his forehead. I thought I had killed him and expected brains to start spewing out at any second. Luckily the wound looked worse than it was. He ended up with a bunch of stitches and a scar that he taunts me with til this very day.

My cousins and I used to have a game called “boof” which was simply smacking each other in the face with pillows.

This game wasn’t too bad, except that my parents had a lot of pillows in the living room that had zippers on them and getting smacked in the face with a zipper was absolutely no fun.

I was actually going to start a thread about this very thing a couple of weeks ago.

On the feathers vs foam thing, my mother insists that I like feathers. She’ll go to great lengths to hunt some down (pun unintentional) whenever I come to visit. Then I have to hunt down the foam pillows. She always gets a case of caffeine-free Coke, too. Moms are weird that way.

Feathers. Nasty, horrible itchy things. We hates it, precious.

I use flat foam pillows, maybe about 3 inches high. Any higher and I have trouble breathing and it’s quite uncomfortable.

I also take one of my pillows with me whenever I travel overnight. God only knows what sort of depraved and deviant behaviors have been perpetuated on any random hotel pillow (I don’t care if it’s a $250/night hotel room or the Super 8, I’m still using my own pillow). Also, many hotels seem to think that really thick, firm pillows is what everybody prefers.

You can always tell if a bed belongs to a woman, because if it does there will be at least a dozen decorative but non-functional pillows that must removed before retiring.

/broad brush

I like the foam pillows, preferably the solid kind with a little head-sized dent in the center. These are the best I’ve found: http://www.splintek.com/foam-pillow.html I would probably like the down ones if they didn’t make me sneeze.

Feather pillows all the way. I love the support they give me without breaking down like cheap polyester pillows do.

Gotta have foam. The feather kind billow up in front of my face and I can’t breathe.

Also, they squish slowly down during the course of the night until they’re too low and I get a crick in my neck. This is, of course, why they’re called “down” pillows.

How about decorative pillows? For some reason people give me pillows as gifts. I have two different kinds of salmon and a turtle pillow. I’m all set for brookside napping.