Pillsburys' "My Heart To Yours" Commercial

If I hear it one more fricking time I’m gonna get sick.
Am I the only one who cannot stand the pseudo love and sentimentality of the theme music?

GRrrrough! Tedster! Now I’ve got that stupid song playing in my head like a broken record. . .
"My heart to yourMy heart to yourMy Heart to you. . "

And yes, I despise it.

That damn commercial makes me want to send lots of money to distressingly brutal norwegian people so they can take long vacations and club baby seals the whole time. I did not even know what that stupid commercial was for until I read the OP.

While I’m at it, what is the deal with the Cranberries pop group? Isn’t that the group with some schizo irish wench whining in some annoying brogue and such? Such an annoying lass she is, ugh… I think the Irish Tourism board uses one of their songs for a commercial. Pity.

Not only does that commercial drive me up a wall I sit back and wonder of that is Sheryl Crow singing. Is it?

Personally, ready-to-bake pastries never inspired that depth of emotion in me. Then again, I’ve been told I’m emotionally closed off…

The commercials make ME hungry for sugar cookies and cookie dough.

And don’t rip on the Cranberries!

Oh my. I love that song.
Is it a single yet?:wink: