Pineapple Juice Cans

Why is pineapple juice still sold in cans? All other fruit juice comes in plastic bottles. The best I could think of is maybe the juice is sensitive to light.

Pineapple juice is sold in bottles. See

Other juices are sold in cans.

i tried eating a pineapple juice can once, but i like can-dy better./
must find better pun…

Dear Mr. Harmon:

Thank you for contacting us.

Dole Pineapple Juice currently is only packaged in cans because plastic
bottles allowing light to hit the juice tend to discolor the juice making
it unappealing to most consumers.

We appreciate your interest in Dole Food Company. We’re glad to provide the
information you requested and hope it is useful.


Dole Consumer Response Staff
0558067A / TAF/cl