here in new hampshire this fall i have noticed that the tops of the pine trees are literally covered with cones, much more than usual. my question is what does this mean or signal? the old farmers almanac probably has an interpretation but i would rather get the views of the masses.

It means that your squirrels have gotten too lazy or fat to climb that high.

It means that the price of pine nuts in Nashua should be on the decline…

Conifers, like most plants produce seed in cycles. In other words, every 5 or 6 years we see a prodigious crop. Many things could play a role in seed production, weather being the most obvious. Depending on the circumstances, fire, disease, genetic propensity, logging or any disturbance could have an effect. It seems highly unlikely that the amount of cones or seed could be used as an annual prediction of the coming winter but then, who knows.

I believe it means, oldenh, that you have way too much time on your hands…spend your money on the good stuff for a change, and let me ask a few questions now. You had your fun.