"Pink Flamingos" DVD - anyone else watch the extras?

I’m posting this here, because I finally saw that ultra-grossout cult classic a few years ago, and of course watched all the extras. There was some professionally-shot footage in the extras of Waters & Co. making the movie, and until this weekend, I wondered who made it and where it came from; he was not (in)famous until that movie came out.

Here’s what happened: John Waters had a friend who worked for Maryland Public Television at the time, and MPT was proposing a series about interesting residents of that state. (Yeah, I’d say he’s…interesting…) So, his friend made some visits to the shoot, and later to a shoot for a later movie (I think it was “Female Trouble”) but the series never materialized and the footage not publicly viewed until the DVD came out.


I like eggs. Thinking back 40 years, I’m not sure I need to see it again.

ETA: That same night I saw something with the recently late Holly Woodlawn. I liked her as an actress and thought she was kinda normal-cute. Yeah, knew it then, too. It confused me.