Pink Floyd / Secret Message

I was listening to The Wall this evening and noticed, about a minute and 10 seconds into Empty Space, what was obviously reversed speech. So I extracted the audio, and reversed it, and heard the following: (What I can’t quite make out is represented by *)

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered the secret message, send your answer to old *** care of ****** *******

I, being born three years after The Wall was released, am not sure what this is. Some sort of contest or something?

The line is: “Congratulations, you hbave just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to old Pink, care of the funny farm…” and then fades out.

It seems to be a joke, except that the subject of the album is a rock star that starts using his popularity to influence his fans to think the way he does. Looked at in that light, the message could be thought of actually being part of the story. Particularly since the main character’s name is Pink.

Carpe hoc!

Sigh … It’s just a joke.

-feeling old,

Did you get the part?
End side two: Isn’t this where?
Intro side one: We came in?

You may also want the check out Roger Waters’ Amused To Death which features a similiar backwards message. The song on this one is Perfect Sense I believe, and it refers to Stanley Kubrick.

Bennett Terwilliger

I, being born three years after The Wall was released, am not sure what this is. Some sort of contest or something?

I, being borned about 19 years before Ummagumma came out, find it grand that the youngsters are listening to the Floyd.

Welcome to the Grand Vizner’s garden party.
Never mind that backward joke stuff, here’s what you do first; cop Gilmours guitar sound, and steal it for your own.

Don’t bother to read on if your easily bored…

Plug in, then set your stereo pitch shifter, for -3cents (or, per cent of a tone)on the left, and +3cents, on the right. Set the straight thru signal for 75-85%. Set the delay for left channel at about 25ms, and the delay for the right to about 50ms.

This creates the slightly detuned chorus effect, but the frequency range is below what normal chorus effect would change, what makes the pitch changes chorus, is the detuning coupled with the time delay.
Straight played notes, will detune slightly and sound fatter, but on pitch as if not affected, then bending notes around the center, will cause the chorusing to kick in.
Play with that awhile, and you’ll know where Gilmours head is.

If you can also chain a digital delay, set it for around 250ms, regeneration to taste, but at the point at which you hear 3 slapbacks, but no more.

Cool huh? You copped the sound. Now you gotta play the notes.

Or make some cool ones of your own.

After the very last part about the funny farm, I think someone says “Carolyn’s on the phone…” or something. VERY quiet. Heard that was Roger’s wife’s name…confirm?
I was also born three years after The Wall was done…of course we youngsters still listen to Pink Floyd! Millions of times better than the new stuff they (the new music industry) come up with…gah!

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” --1984

Thats some great info on getting Gilmour’s sound. I can’t wait to get home and try it out.

I might also include I was born 2 years after The Wall came out, and two years before The Final Cut.

Bennett Terwilliger

Get yourself a Reel to reel stereo recorder.( Ha, now it’s obvious I am no ‘youngster’) flip a section tape 180* (so the shiny side is away from you as it passes trough the head) that puts track B on top Now record any thing on track A. don’t rewind, swap the reels.turning them over. Playtrack A. It’s all backward. (ITHINK that’s how we did it back in Madison Square Garage,when I played garbage can and tool box with the Bensly Trio Two.) We once recorded a spoof of the daily school PA system devotional( jeeze how old am I?) The words “Dearest oh one,” in a high pitched quaver came out, as clear as a bell, “Now watch it!” in a deep, reverberating, commanding voice. With many a glance heaven ward we put it away for a while.Reverse sustained guitar chords are real nice.and try some wahwah.

Isn’t the Pink refered to in the backwards recording a reference to Syd Barret?

Also 3:33 seconds into Great Gig in the Sky there is a message.