Pink Lady & Jeff (on Trio)

Yesterday I wanted to see “My Mother the Car” called the worst show ever. I love Ann Sothern. So after that show (let’s say I’ve seen worse) came “Pink Lady and Jeff” What is this garbage???

I was awed by how bad a show can be.
Can anyone tell me who this Jeff is? I know from the show “Pink Lady” is the “Hottest” recording act in Japan.

But I have never seen a show with not one funny bit. The girls obviously don’t speak English. One sounds like she has food in her mouth. Check this out on Trio Cable Channel.

Jeff is Jeff Altman. Quite possibly the worst stand up “comic” I have ever had the displeasure to share a planet with. Getting a root canal by a dentist on speed and crack and using a rusty jigsaw is preferrable to watching his “act”.

Pink Lady was Mitsuyo Nemoto Keiko Masuda, and they really were the most popular act in Japan for about four and one-half minutes and had a career for considerably long in the 1970s. They won what was basically a Japanese ancestor of “American Idol” and as their career started to wane they took the NBC deal. They recently reunited for a successful nostalgia tour ala The Bangles or The Monkees.

How they got teamed with Altman is unknown to me, but I’m guessing somebody lost a bet or got a big tax write off for his network. He went on to greatness as “Huey Hogg” in various guest shots on DUKES OF HAZZARD and as a male nurse in the “For the love of God who is sleeping with who that this thing hasn’t been cancelled yet?” show NURSES (which rivalled WINGS and MR. BELVEDERE in its Rasputin-like survival while good shows all around were being cancelled).

I hadn’t thought of this show in 20 years until I recently saw the PINK LADY & JEFF DVD set at Best Buy (next to the Brady Bunch Variety Hour box set).
On the other hand, how often do you get to see beautiful Japanese girls, Roy Orbison, and the Kroft puppets all on the same stage?

Jeff Altman is also well known for his character, punch-drunk boxer Leonard “I don’t have the brains of a ice cube” Moon.

He also did a stint on “Solid Gold” as their comic-at-large after the departure of Party Hearty Marty Cohen.

BTW, I do possess the popular “Pink Lady” LP, in which they did a very good cover of the classic “Walk Away, Renee.”

I am a proud owner of the <I>Pink Lady & Jeff</I> DVD, which I bought in a fit of nostalgia; I was fascinated by the girls when the show first aired (when I was fourteen). But despite that, even then, I could tell the show was crap.

They spoke no English, yet the producers made them sing their versions of the previous year’s disco hits. This was a disaster; they were concentrating so hard on singing the songs by rote that they had no energy left for their performances or dancing.

Only in the third episode, where they opened the show with their big Japanese hit, “UFO,” did we get any hint of what they could really do. They owned the stage for the length of that song.

Mie was, and is, the prettiest of the two.

It will be on Trio a cable channel this week. Check it out if you get the chance. It is on several times. It is like a traffic accident. It’s awful but you can help watching as you think there has GOT to be SOMETHING, ANYTHING good.

It was NBC president Fred Silverman’s idea to create this show:

Hey, Pink Lady is coming to my town (Kagoshima City) next week! Should I go?

Hmm. ¥6800 is about…$57 and change…

…no. I’ll save it for Hajime Chitose next month.

The story I’ve heard (I don’t know if it’s true), is that Silverman didn’t realize the pair didn’t speak any English until after the deal had been signed, so Jeff Altman was tossed into the mix at the last minute to try and salvage the show.

They still show up on TV every now and then, and they’re still pretty cute.

[hijack]The first time I saw Jeff Altman was on “up-and-coming comedians” special hosted by Rodney Dangerfield in the early 80’s. Altman was the only one who’d had his own TV series, but he was by far the worst of the lot. The others? Robert Townshend, Sam Kinison, Jerry Seinfeld and Rosanne Barr.

I believe Sid & Marty Krofft (HR Pufnstuf, Sigmund & the Seamonsters, Land of the Lost, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour) were the producers of that show.

Mark Evanier, a producer of the show talks about it:

Here’s a radio interview from last year about the show: