Pinot Noir - to chill or not to chill?

That is the question.

Any generalisations to be made here? I’ve had pinot noir served in an Alsacian restaurant straight out of the fridge. The burgundy one I had last night (at home) had ‘serve at room temp’ written on the back. The chilled ones I’ve had have generally been really nice - any reason not to chill all pinot noirs?

Yeah, they are reds and at cooler temperatures, the notes dull out. I think Pinot Noir tastes like ass when chilled.

In general, Pinot Noir should be stored and served at roughly 62ºF. Note that isn’t exactly room temperature, but it’s not refrigerator cold, either. I keep mine in a special wine fridge that is set to this exact temperature.

White wines can be chilled down to as low as 45ºF or so – so those can be stored and served straight out of the fridge.

In general, reds should be stored and served at somewhere between 55º and 65º F depending on the wine.

Whenever I’ve ordered Pinot Noir in a nice restaurant, it’s always brought to me at room temperature, for what that’s worth.

I think you should drink it the way you like it. Never mind what anyone else - ‘expert’ or no - says.

Ahh yes, but once upon a time that was indeed room temperature.

A good thing to do is to put your red wine in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes before pouring, which will get it to the desired 60 degrees.

Spot-on advice.

I dont know why wine, more than almost any subject, seems to make people second guess their own personal tastes and preferences.

If it tastes good to you, go ahead and pair a merlot with a delicate seafood dish, and if the waiter gives you a funny look, who mollyfocking cares?!?

If you want a riesling at room temp. (instead of chilled) that is perfectly fine, as long as that is what you like.

Way too many people defer to enophile convention, and don’t trust their in own tastebuds, and then can’t figure out why they don’t really enjoy wine…

I’ve heard that reds should be chilled a bit, to the 55 - 65 degrees previously mentioned. I’ve also heard this rule of thumb:

Put a red in the fridge 30 minutes before you want to serve it; pull a white out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving.

I don’t like any wines room-temp; there are a few spiced or mulled wines that I enjoy hot, but of course, that’s different.

Here’s my method: I open my fridge (because I always refrigerate open bottles, of course; to leave a perfectly decent bottle of wine out to spoil is what I would consider ‘alcohol abuse’ :wink: ) and look at what I’ve got opened in there (usually one white and one red) and think, hmmmmm, what am I in the mood for? And whichever one it is, right then and there I decided it’s the perfect drinking temperature. . .

But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Then what is the rule on Savenyan (major spelling problem here) blanc? Is it a red pretending to be a white or a white pretending to be a red? So how is it supposed to be served?

It depends on what the Pinot Noir is to me, where it’s from etc. , but I generally like mine somewhere between 52 and 62 degrees. The lighter style Pinots on the cooler side, heavier ones a bit warmer.

I do what others here do for just about every bottle of wine I drink - throw it in the fridge for half and hour to an hour before opening. Although I do have a rapid chiller for whites I might want to drink right away. It’s easier to warm a wine than chill it, so I usually go a little cooler than need be.

But I am a complete tasting geek and I like my wines served at the optimal temp for the varietal and style, and I have a thermometer for exactly that purpose. :wink: The right temp is the temp that tastes good to you, but there is some science behind ideal tasting temperatures.
And TV time - Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine, made from white (green) grapes. It should be served chilled - I usually shoot for around 44 degrees.

Me too. Delicious. My favourite was Andre Blanck in Kientzheim. It’s perfect with lamb.

IME the difference is that the Alsatian Pinot Noirs are almost rosé, and not really red.
But if it tastes good, I’m not arguing!