Pioneer 10 1972-2003

The probe was a few months older than me. Considering its original mission was to end in 1974, I’d say it lived a long life.

It’s kind of sad, actually.


In a way it is… but it lives on… we jsut do not have the ability to hear it…

It is sad, you’re right. I was about four months old when it launched. I’ll never forget the National Geographic issue with the close-up photos of Jupiter; holy cow those were some great pictures.

How about that. Two million years of silent coasting through emptiness. Gives me the willies. Plus the fantods and maybe a hint of the vapors.

[Ned Flanders]

Godspeed, little doodle

[/Ned Flanders]

That’s the one with Carl Sagan’s plaque on it.

Thanks for the unforgettable pictures, little fella. Hope you run into some friends.

…until it gets blown to pieces by Klingons.

I sure hope our descendents are there to greet it once it reaches Aldebaran.

That’s what i thought too. When Poineer 10 burns upon approaching that star, there’s a good chance the human race will either have died out, or be so advanced that we colonised other planets.

Is it really that much on target that it will actually hit Antares? I rather doubt that, but still, that would be neat.

Nah, it’s going in the vague direction of Antares. I doubt very much that they take into account the motion of the stars through the galaxy over the next million years when they say that’s where it’s going.

Excuse my horrible spelling up there, by the way.

Just substitute “your Mother-In-Law” for “Pioneer 10” and it becomes a heartwarming little story…

The Deep Space Network heard nothing from your Mother-In-Law during a final attempt at contact on February 7. No more attempts are planned.

Hopefully, it’ll drift for millions of years – protected as a historical landmark, visited by space-going buses full of bored kids on field trips.

More likely is it will end up in some rich guy’s secret, stolen art collection, after having been nipped by one of the first space yachts.

The amazing thing is that last contact was at 7.6 billion miles using an 8 watt transmitter. About the same power as a night light!


“Can you hear me now?.. Good… Can you hear me now?.. Good… Can you hear me now?.. Good…”

“Can you hear me now?.. Good… Can you hear me now?.. Good… Can you hear me now?.. Good…”

Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time. :rolleyes:

First simulpost from a single person I’ve ever seen.


What else do you expect from us Arlingtonians?! :wink: