Pipeliner - if you please...

You mentioned one before being from Winnipeg, although you now live in Alberta, right? How long ago did you go to U of W ? what do you do, I am curious to see if I would’ve met you before.

Hi Poysyn: My permanent address is in Winnipeg, but my job keeps me on the road most of the time. I work as a pipeline construction field administrator, and I run between Kenora Ontario and southern Alberta. I spend alot of time in Brandon, Regina, and Moosomin for some reason. Right now I’m right outside of Calgary; I’ve been here since May and am here for the foreseeable future.

When I’m in Winnipeg (quite rare these days,) I live just off of Corydon Avenue, sandwiched between Little Italy and River Heights (on the white trash side of River Heights.)

I graduated with a B.A. Honours (Anthroplogy, minor in Religious Studies) from the U of W in 1992.

I’ve been meaning to send my picture to The People of the Straight Dope, but thought I should really hit 300 posts before I do that (I’m not sure why, but it struck me as presumptuous to do so before that.) I’ve seen your picture there, btw - I’m pretty sure I would have remembered meeting a gorgeous woman like you. I’m thinking we’ve never met. Winnipeg being Winnipeg, however, I probably dated your cousin at some point.

What about yourself? I know you’re ex-military, but that’s about it.

That’s my boy.

It gets weirder, Connor.

My name IRL is Connor.

Okay ahem, ex-reservist (Hoo-yah). I graduated with a diploma in Creative Communications and right now live in Charleswood. I have however moved throughout the city, including, St.Norbert, St.Boniface and St.James (big on the Saints).
I am at this time 24 years old and don’t go by the picture. Anyone can look good after make-up and hair. I am desperately searching for full-time permanent work, as opposed to the term and temp employment I have been living off of. I was able to go to New orleans has part of my current term employment and had a blast except men in the french quarter are pigs. Along with my communications stuff, I do some modelling on the side, watch for me, there is a possibility of a big billboard campaign, (kewl!), or maybe just flyers, who knows? That’s about it. I just always think it’s neat come on here and catch some reference to Winnipeg. Kind of a warm fuzzy feeling. :slight_smile:

I really wish I could tell you that my real name is Pipeliner. But that’s really just my job.

S’okay Connor, you can be mini-pipeliner

Poysyn: What’s the ad campaign? Please tell me it’s La Senza.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never worked a permanent job in my life (and I’m 38.) Everything’s been term positions, although frankly the contract term jobs have been very lucrative. Just no security. “Permanent” has no meaning anymore in the job market anyway.

In my line of work, we have a joke - Q: What’s the difference between a permanent employee and a temporary employee?

A: The temporary employee knows he’s temporary.

Not La Senza, I’ll tell you if it happens, till then sit tight. I know temp/term work is fine, it’s just at the one I’m at now, I am doing the job of a trade show person, and making less that the people who clean the building. It’s a little disheartening.

Poysyn: If the ad campaign is local to Winnipeg, I’ll probably never see it. Winnipeg is pretty much just a mailing address for me now. But, you never know - keep me posted.

Not to change the subject or anything, but how did your Spy Agency party go? Was it a hit? What name did you end up going with, and were you able to get the invitations to self-destruct?

It went great. No, we were not able to get the tape to self-destruct but them’s the breaks. Everyone was very impressed. We sent them all over Baton Rouge YAY Me! Had a blast in New Orleans too. Did not get to wear my new pants though. Ah well soon. OOps, gotta go for now :slight_smile: Chat with ya later (btw, Irish folks?). Might post more in a bit.